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& inspiring

As the perfect partner for your digital transformation, we provide the solutions and expertise that your organization needs in order to harness your most complex data, optimize your business processes, and create compelling digital experiences.

Committed to making a difference

As entrepreneurs, we promote a spirit of innovation in everything we do. Digital transformation is our passion, driving us to transcend established methods and to formulate new ideas. Our work involves entering uncharted territory, forging new partnerships, and envisioning groundbreaking solutions.

Our Trusted Clients


Our team understands the complex dynamics of the industries in which we work.


A staff 2500 strong is distributed worldwide to better support our customers.


Our solutions are trusted by leaders in business, government, and defense.


We combine technology and process innovation to deliver compelling results.
  • We help your organization

    transform itself

    In this age of digital technology and 'uberization', companies need to reinvent themselves, change the way they conduct their core business, how they reach more users, and how they interact with them.
    Whatever strategy you adopt, we help you define and implement your most strategic operational transformations.

  • We develop and implement

    your digital strategy

    As true specialists in customer data, we drive your digital transformation with you every day. Our team analyzes and assesses your existing processes with you.
    We then organize and oversee implementation within your teams to assist with knowledge transfer and facilitate adoption among all of your employees and ultimately your customers.

  • We boost the potential

    of your data

    Through our solutions combining best of breed technology with trusted domain experts, we help customers worldwide realize the value of their content in driving higher worker productivity, tighter compliance with regulations and industry best practices, and improved operational efficiency.

  • We optimize

    your business processes

    For all organizations, streamlining information flow, optimizing management of relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners, and speeding up coordination of internal services represents fundamental change. We provide expert services to help you outsource and optimize your complex information management processes.

  • We re-invent

    the digital experience

    As a creator of digital experiences, We can help you devise new products and services that add value to your markets through web and mobile application development, search optimization, incorporation of big data technologies to gain new insights, expert semantic processing, and machine learning.

  • ‘Flatirons Jouve quickly made a difference by providing us with access to industrial processing combined with an ability to adeptly manage issues encountered in our business through its knowledge of documents used in the healthcare sector’ explains Mr Maurice Gourdon, Executive Project Management Director at Harmonie Mutuelle.

  • “We chose Flatirons Jouve as the sole subcontractor for this contract as the company is reliably responsive and maintains close customer relations as well as offering an open-source development package combining speed, availability, and security.” Xavier Aubry, Deputy departmental manager of the Banque de France Organization and Information (OI) Center, Projects Department (DIPRO), Center.