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Project Brief: Dynamic Website for Energy Industry Association

Using Dynamic Data & Analytics to Improve Website Performance

An energy industry association engaged Flatirons Solutions to make its website much more effective.

Company Profile

This natural gas industry association includes nearly one hundred companies in its membership.

The Problem

  • The industry association’s website was unsophisticated and was not capable of supporting increasingly complex requirements from its members
  • These requirements included the ability to easily handle market statistical data reporting (e.g., Baker Hughes rig counts and WTRG Economics rig statistics), health, safety and environmental programs, and a variety of industry standards and training materials

The Solution

  • Design and implement a more sophisticated web site using a dynamic data model
  • Implement web site analytics to understand which features are most important and popular, so that the site can be further optimized for member use

The Benefit

Increased membership and a more productive and effective association.


Support your existing enterprise applications and retire legacy programs.


Synchronize your content revision and reconciliation with single system.


Improve compliance and decision support for your technical operations.


Systematically reduce costs, improve productivity and increase compliance.

“We got new insights on how to improve the form and function of our site and the content it provides. “

– Client Testimonial

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