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Project Brief

Large U.S. County Archives 10 Years of Data, Reduces Tier 1 Storage Costs

Project Brief

Company Profile

  • One of the largeset counties in the United States with more than 10 million residents

Business Challenge

  • ERP system used for county financials and HR data was growing rapidly, at almost 3 terabytes per month
  • More than 10 years of aging production data were stored on costly tier 1 storage
  • County needed to upgrade its ERP, new version could not support the large legacy data load
  • Tier 1 storage costs for legacy data needed to be reduced


  • Develop and execute data archiving strategy to move 10 years of legacy ERP data from tier 1 storage to InfoArchive

The Solution

  • Deployed InfoArchive repository to store and retrieve legacy ERP data
  • Initially loaded 2 oldest years of ERP data with a plan to load remaining data on annual basis
  • Build single sign on and contextual link to ERP to access archive related to record
  • Make archived data available for big data/ analytics

Results / ROI

  • Dramatically reduced tier 1 storage costs
  • Simplified ERP upgrade and improved ERP performance
  • Provided data analytics opportunities for county operations

Learn more about data archiving and application decommissioning with InfoArchive.

“Implementing a data archiving strategy using the InfoArchive platform helped the county improve performance of its production ERP system and reduce its tier 1 storage costs.”

– Program Manager

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