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Project Brief

Global Electronics Manufacturer Saves $900,000 Annually Retiring Two Mainframe Systems

Project Brief

Company Profile

  • Global consumer electronics manufacturer

Business Challenge

  • Client was running two legacy mainframe applications nearly 3 decades old that held information relating to the sale and distribution of its products
  • Fewer people were familiar with the underlying software technologies
  • Cost to host applications was significantly more than if the data stored in a contemporary data store on modern hardware
  • Data needed to be made available to support ongoing business operations and satisfy regulatory requirements/legal activity on an as-needed basis
  • Client faced security, data loss, and operational risks running outdated systems
  • The need to shut down these older systems directly conflicted with the need to continue to make the data available


  • Archive data from legacy mainframe systems to InfoArchive
  • Provide client the ability to create the same legacy reports established in legacy systems
  • Retire legacy mainframe applications

The Solution

  • Migrate data from legacy mainframes to InfoArchive by transforming IDMS and IMS mainframe data to non-proprietary XML
  • Configured Flatirons COBOL data translator so that it generated XML that precisely matched the complex record relationships in the legacy databases
  • Load legacy data into InfoArchive platform
  • Create custom reports that replicate client’s legacy reporting capabilities
  • Retire 2 legacy mainframe systems

Results / ROI

  • Eliminated approx. $900,000 per year in hosting, licensing, and support costs
  • Lowered data security risks
  • More easily support business operations and satisfy regulatory requirements/legal activity as needed

Learn more about Application Decommissioning with InfoArchive.

“Providing easier access to legacy mainframe data by transforming it from proprietary formats to XML and replicating legacy reports enabled our client to ensure continued business operations while achieving considerable cost savings and lowering overall risk.”

– Program Manager

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