Flatirons solutions for energy companies enable significant improvements in customer response times with customized content lifecycle management solutions.

Energy Solutions

Energy companies are adopting content lifecycle management solutions in support of their businesses—both to handle technical information used to operate complex equipment and to manage customer information throughout its lifecycle.

Flatirons helps energy companies adopt the S1000D information exchange standard for technical information, and we help energy clients optimize their application portfolios to make customer information on legacy applications easily accessible.

Total Control of Technical Information

Flatirons helps energy companies update technical information management systems with custom content lifecycle management solutions. Reduce dependence on legacy applications, trim your IT budget and improve operational efficiency by integrating your legacy application data into a single-source archive — Turning Content into Knowledge®.

Content Lifecycle Management Use Case

A Fortune 250 energy company sharpened its competitive edge by reigning in massive volumes of historical customer data and putting an Active Archiving solution in place so its representatives can access customer information within 6 seconds.

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