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Case Study

Bank of Montreal (BMO) Harris

Learn how BMO Harris Bank achieved $5 Million in annual savings using Application Retirement for InfoArchive.

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Case Study: Bank Of Montreal

BMO Harris N.A. is a large commercial bank with over $195 billion in assets. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, it has over 600 branches across nine states and is a subsidiary of the prestigious Bank of Montreal.

After acquiring M&I Bank in 2010, BMO Harris began a series of business and technology merger activities that resulted in finding numerous legacy applications that were outdated and redundant. Many of these were now running in read-only mode and being kept alive purely for access to their data. Following a three-month Data Retention and Decommissioning program, the bank saved $5 million and paid back the project in 12 months.

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“We wanted to make sure it really was a partnership. They understood exactly what our mission was, and we understood what they brought to the table.”

– Daryl Lueck, Vice President and Lead Technology Officer, BMO Harris Bank

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