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Case Study

Application Decommissioning with InfoArchive

Learn how Application Decommissioning for InfoArchive helped a large hospital network reduce costs, allow easily retrieval of information, and satisfy search and reporting functions driven by business and regulatory requirements.

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Retiring Legacy Applications for a Large Hospital Network

A large hospital system was migrating to the EPIC software product suite and as part of that migration, recognized a need to initiate an Application Retirement program. As part of the establishment of this program initiative, the hospital contracted with OpenText’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) to assist them in retiring two applications – an HR system and a patient information management application

The ECD consulting team in turn elected to use the Flatirons Application Decommissioning for InfoArchive solution to implement the application retirement program.

Over the course of five months, the Application Decommissioning for InfoArchive solution was used to retire both a patient medical record application and a hospital HR system as pilot projects for a longer term Application Decommissioning Program. The solution delivered a very robust application retirement solution that exceeded the goals of the organization and in some areas provided features that exceeded that of the original applications.

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“The Application Decommissioning for InfoArchive solution exceeded the goals of the organization and in some areas provided features that surpassed that of the original applications.”

– Project Manager

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