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Project Brief: Unified Content Architecture for Global High-Tech Firm

Content Lifecycle Management for Improved Operational Effectiveness

This project focused on developing an enterprise content architecture to identify the necessary taxonomy for streamlining operations.

Unified Content Architecture for Global High-Tech Firm

Company Profile

This high-tech manufacturer of office equipment drives over $16B in revenue.

The Problem

  • Information systems highly integrated, but supporting content spread across many paper and electronic repositories
  • Need for a single, unified content architecture as a framework for integrating enterprise content
  • Numerous external content contributors

The Solution

  • Develop a unified content taxonomy based on Flatirons Solutions templates
  • Develop a companion enterprise metadata model, focused on integration, retrieval, security, privacy and records management
  • Develop approaches for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Safe Harbor compliance
  • Consolidate nine internal groups, each with their own taxonomies

The Benefit

Delivered a comprehensive regulatory compliance framework.


Support your existing enterprise applications and retire legacy programs.


Synchronize your content revision and reconciliation with single system.


Improve compliance and decision support for your technical operations.


Systematically reduce costs, improve productivity and increase compliance.

“Flatirons helped our team share information much more easily.”

– Client Testimonial

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