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Project Brief: Web-Based Enterprise Marketing Information Portal

Enterprise Content Lifecycle Management Improves Information Access

This large beverage company implemented a common, enterprise-wide content management and information sharing platform that serves as the foundation for product change management and project status tracking. This system replaced a multitude of existing, previously disconnected manual and automated systems within each of the functional silos.

Web-Based Enterprise Marketing Information Portal

Company Profile

World’s leading supplier of private label beverages.

The Problem

  • Increased costs, missed deadlines, and employee frustration due to inability to locate and re-use existing documents
  • Geographically disbursed corporation and remote users exacerbated this problem

The Solution

  • Implement an enterprise content management – single source of information
  • Provide digital asset management and collaboration for large sales/marketing presentations
  • Enable browser-based, secure access
  • Implement a portal to extend the browser-based access to other enterprise systems

The Benefit

Efficient knowledge management, access, security, disaster recovery.


Support your existing enterprise applications and retire legacy programs.


Synchronize your content revision and reconciliation with single system.


Improve compliance and decision support for your technical operations.


Systematically reduce costs, improve productivity and increase compliance.

“The solution made it much easier to find and use approved materials for product packaging”

– Client Testimonial

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