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9 Reasons Businesses Are Automating Accounts Payable

Special Report


Why Businesses Are Turning to Automation for Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is finally shedding its reputation as the most time-consuming, laborious, and paper-intensive finance and administration function:

  • Businesses are spending more money on accounts payable process improvements
  • Paper-based invoice processes are giving way to electronic invoice workflows
  • Front-line staff are spending more time on strategic activities such as spend management and working capital optimization, and less time on transaction processing
  • Accounts payable is becoming the information hub of the enterprise

Why the strong push towards accounts payable automation?

This special report from IOFM and Flatirons uncovers nine primary reasons that businesses are automating accounts payable.

The report:

  • Takes a deep dive into each of the automation drivers
  • Details the components of an effective accounts payable automation solution
  • Shows how automation addresses the challenges that accounts payable departments face
  • Provides case study examples of organizations that are benefiting from automation

Don’t let your accounts payable department be left behind. Download this special report today!

“Automation provides financial insights that drive strategic decisions, long-term planning, forecasting and budgeting.”

–Institute of Finance and Management

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