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Solving Problems

Delivering Solutions

For more than 20 years, Flatirons Jouve has focused on delivering solutions that enable more efficient business operations and improved customer service through the use of structured content, rich media, and dynamic delivery so our clients can provide the right information, to the right person, at the right time.

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Flatirons Jouve provides solutions that help businesses operate more efficiently. Our solutions enable your organization to achieve higher worker productivity and capital asset utilization through delivery of targeted maintenance and operational information to task performers.  We drive greater levels of regulatory compliance with less impact to operations thanks to solutions that consolidate and standardize legacy information access and retrieval for customer-facing representatives. We harness the power of structured content and rich media to make people and organizations more productive.

Our Solution Families

See how Flatirons Jouve delivers on the promise of Turning Content into Knowledge® through Technical Publishing, Search & Big Data, Digital Publishing, Hosting Services, Custom Development, Content Capture and Optimization, and other information-intensive software and service solution areas.

Our Industry Expertise

Flatirons Jouve engineers, authors, and consultants know the industries we serve, with experts in airlines, financial services, education, healthcare, transportation, publishing, high tech manufacturing, complex asset operators, patent offices, and the public sector.

  • Bank of Montreal Case Study

    After acquiring M&I Bank in 2010, BMO Harris began a series of business and technology merger activities that resulted in finding numerous legacy applications that were outdated and redundant. Many of these were now running in read-only mode and being kept alive purely for access to their data.

  • Mobile Maintenance Case Study

    Learn how CORENA Pinpoint Mobile helped transform the way American Airlines technicians access maintenance manuals and technical documentation for their fleet of nearly 1000 multi-OEM aircraft for dramatically higher productivity.

  • Hospital Case Study

    A large hospital system was migrating to the EPIC software product suite and as part of that migration, recognized a need to initiate an Application Retirement program.
    As part of the establishment of this program initiative, the hospital contracted with EMC to assist them in retiring two applications – an HR system and a patient information management application.

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