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Data Archiving

Pay Less, Get More from Your Legacy Data

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Data Archiving: Who's Doing It?

Data archiving is undertaken by organizations experiencing data growth, the need to retain data for regulatory or strategic business purposes, or the basic need to control data storage costs. These includes hospitals and other healthcare organizations; banks, insurance providers, and other financial services companies; federal and regional public agencies; and other organizations seeking to effectively managing information as a strategic business practice.


Hospitals and healthcare providers that have adopted modern electronic health records (EHR) or electronic medical records (EMR) systems, continue to undergo mergers and acquisitions, and execute strategic IT projects must figure out how to retain patient information and data from older systems or those rendered obsolete. Data archiving, and its Clinical Archiving counterpart, helps ensure ongoing compliance while delivering cost savings and tools for both clinicians and HIM users that can fuel world-class care.

Financial Services

Pressure to comply with Dodd-Frank in the U.S., MiFID-ii in Europe, and other regulations takes valuable time and resources away from Financial Services organizations’ core business. Data archiving, together with active archiving, offers a strategic approach to data compliance to ease the pressure. It can eliminate risk throughout the data lifecycle through an archiving platform built to handle petabytes of information and thousands of compliance policies across global markets.

Public Sector

Public agencies at the federal, state, and local level simply do not have the budgets to store aging data on Tier 1 storage. Nor can they risk losing information related to national security and defense, veterans’ records, or any other public records that are currently stored on outdated systems. Data archiving to a cost-effective and secure platform is a critical exercise that public agencies need to incorporate as part of their ongoing practice to manage information throughout its lifecycle.

Get Started!

We offer a free, half-day portfolio analysis to help identify the benefits your organization can achieve by archiving data from legacy systems and confirm that the business case is compelling for your organization. The analysis includes:

  • Meeting with your business teams and IT organization to identify applications that store aging information that could be archived
  • Defining a project plan that outlines the recommended milestones and tasks required to archive data from the systems, and potentially retire each of the applications
  • Preparing a financial justification and projected ROI
  • Preparing a statement of work that defines the initial data archiving effort, the applications to be retired (if applicable), and the scope of a proof of concept implementation
  • Presenting findings to your project sponsors and stakeholders

Request yours today!

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