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Hosted Application Decommissioning

Achieve Greater ROI on Application Decommissioning and Data Archiving

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Why Use Hosted Application Decommissioning from Flatirons Jouve?

Hosted Application Decommissioning from Flatirons Jouve accelerates the retirement of legacy applications through our ready-to-go technology stack; reduces total cost of ownership by eliminating hardware, maintenance, and training costs; optimizes Application Decommissioning and data archiving processes; and delivers greater ROI by allowing customers to pay for Application Decommissioning tools and services on an as-needed basis only.

Hosted Application Decommissioning meets HIPAA compliance requirements.
See the HIPAA compliance checklist.

Optimized Processes

Flatirons Jouve’s hosted environment is optimized to support common application decommissioning project lifecycles. Elastic ETL processing lets you turn processing and storage on and off to reduce capacity costs, and monitoring ensures search and reporting access are running efficiently. We keep the InfoArchive platform current so you don’t have to.

Scalable, Safe, Secure

Our hosted solution provides storage, processing, and network scaling that grows in accordance with your needs along with high availability and redundancy through a standard SLA with 99.5% uptime and higher SLAs available upon request. Application-level backup and disaster recovery are done on an application-by-application basis so issues with one do not impact the retired application inventory.

Unique Among Cloud Providers

Flatirons Jouve has a wealth of Application Decommissioning development and implementation experience with InfoArchive along with a private Cloud infrastructure that some of the world’s largest organizations use for hosting business-critical applications 24x7x365 to help you execute a best-in-class application decommissioning strategy in the Cloud.

Get Started!

Contact us to learn more about getting started with a hosted Application Decommissioning solution.

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