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The CORENA Manufacturer Solution by Flatirons Jouve helps manufacturers to ease the flow of technical content, improve product value, and generate more after-market revenue.

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Benefits of adopting S1000D and other standards

CORENA Manufacturer satisfies the needs of dynamic Aerospace and Aviation OEM information standards with a single system. That system is your source for integrated product, service and content lifecycle management. The numerous and rapidly evolving aerospace information standards like S1000D, S2000M, S4000P, S5000F, and others represent significant issues for modern lifecycle management systems. Those issues must be solved within the parameters of regulatory compliance in order to safely and effectively maximize utilization.

Other solutions may not satisfy the requirements of all your fleet’s information standards with a single system. This isn’t the case with Flatirons. CORENA Manufacturer improves your organization’s processes for production, revision, and automated distribution of technical publications for their clients and staff with our state-of-the-art combination of products and service capabilities.

One Platform, Many Programs

CORENA Manufacturer is ideal for OEMs looking to support multiple civilian or defense programs and their unique requirements for output information via a single source, powerful platform that provides a combination of native, transformation, and book-building support options to meet virtually any program need.

Supercharged After-Market

Most OEMs have contractual commitments for standard PDF documentation. Augmenting this with dynamic, mobile, interactive content unlocks potential new revenue opportunities, and creates opportunities for support up-sell in the aftermarket.

Simplified and diverse SGML support

Most OEMs leverage separate systems and processes for each major work program, often at a cost of millions in capital investment per year in IT support, maintenance, and third-party licenses. CORENA Manufacturer provides a platform for consolidation through its support of iSpec 2200, S1000D, and Mil-Spec publications.

CORENA Manufacturer Products & Resources

The CORENA SuiteTM by Flatirons Jouve is the leading content lifecycle management (CLM) solution developed specifically for organizations that rely on mission-critical data to design, manufacture, operate, or maintain complex assets over their product and service life-cycles.

The components of CORENA Suite used as part of CORENA Manufacturer include:

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