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Custom Solutions

Flatirons Jouve's unique experience enables us to design, develop and deploy custom solutions for our clients.

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Custom Solutions

Our precise knowledge and experience is applied to Turn Content Into Knowledge® for our clients. Does your organization need to efficiently manage complex information, train proficient staff, or create & publish technical content? Flatirons Jouve creates a unique solution, custom-fitted for you. Our dynamic consultants, powerful software, and proven outsourced services provide you a unique and comprehensive solution for improving processes at every level of your organization. If your industry is considering a transition to new technology, we can help. Our consulting, software and outsourced services combine to deliver significant improvements to operational efficiency for your organization.

Operational efficiency is not just about process improvements. Flatirons Jouve creates solutions that deliver measurable benefits to every aspect of your business. We can enhance your training processes for new and existing staff to systematically increase productivity. Our software delivers next-generation systems for managing and analyzing your valuable technical information and business data to streamline your content lifecycles. Flatirons Jouve creates custom solutions addressing the complex issues of efficiently managing your product, service & content lifecycles – Turning Content Into Knowledge®.


Above and Beyond

Simply put, Flatirons Jouve is a solutions company. Our consultants apply our unique knowledge and experience to help you efficiently manage your product, service & content lifecycles and critical technical information using powerful software tools like Alfresco, Documentum and Flatirons’ CORENA Suite. We are ready to go above and beyond when creating custom solutions for the complex problems your organization is facing.

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