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Who We Serve

We work with knowledge-intensive, asset-driven, and regulated organizations to help leverage the power of structured content, 3D assets, image capture and intelligence, and rich media (including audio, video, and 3D) to improve efficiency, productivity, and operational agility.

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Support of Compliance and Asset-Driven Industries

Flatirons designs and delivers solutions for customers across all types of markets and industries. We transform your valuable data into actionable knowledge to help your business succeed.

Whether supporting the seamless exchange of content between OEMs and airlines as part of multi-billion dollar aircraft programs, helping leaders in healthcare and finance compliantly archive their legacy applications and data, or supporting the FAA in meeting complex engineering challenges — our team is at the forefront of Turning Content into Knowledge®.

  • Bank of Montreal Case Study

    After acquiring M&I Bank in 2010, BMO Harris began a series of business and technology merger activities that resulted in finding numerous legacy applications that were outdated and redundant. Many of these were now running in read-only mode and being kept alive purely for access to their data.

  • Training Development Case Study

    This global semiconductor manufacturer captured the knowledge of its skilled workers and developed a next-generation training solution to on-board a larger, low-cost labor pool using that knowledge.

  • American Airlines Case Study

    Learn how and why American Airlines has deployed more than 1,700 Android and iPad tablets equipped with CORENA Pinpoint Mobile to technicians stationed around the globe.

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