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Solutions for Patent Offices

Flatirons Jouve has been structuring patent-related data for the world’s biggest offices for over 25 years. Having invested very early in R&D, the group developed a high-quality industrial and technological tool, combining process management and cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and semantic search.

Combining service quality and automated processing

The protection of trademarks and patents provides a vital means of ensuring innovation, competitiveness and economic growth. National and international intellectual property offices combine efficient services and comprehensive, accessible, and reliable information with speed, integrity and quality. By offering clearance search and search-by-similarity tools in natural language, intellectual property offices can provide an effective and accessible service meeting the requirements of their customers, who may or may not be business information specialists.

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Contact us to tell us more about your Patent and IP management challenges. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can develop and deliver a solution for you.

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